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Joining A Domain

I just got a new Lenovo Laptop and I'm connected to our company's network. I want to become a member of the domain, so I type in the name of the domain and normally, it will prompt me for an admin login/password to join the domain, but it says it cannot find the domain.

It's strange because I do have an ethernet cable plugged in, and I get an IP address via DHCP, it just won't allow me to join the domain. I've done this for other laptops in our company and countless workstations, so I have no idea what the problem may be. Could it be something in the configuration of the ethernet card?

2 Solutions
Double check to make sure the first DNS server is the main DNS server of the Domain.  If it is then try using both the FQDN and the NetBIOS domain.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The usual problem is the DNS settings. The preferred DNS server must be the Windows DNS server (normally the domain controller), check that the correct DNS server is being set with DHCP and that your laptop is not set to use a static address for the DNS server (there is the option in the TCP/IP settings to have the IP address and/or DNS servers set automatically (DHCP) or set statically. Check BOTH)

To confirm settings type WindowsKey +r (to get the run command)
type cmd
and then
ipconfig /all

This will list the TCP/IP settings including DNS servers.

When joining the domain it should be necessary only to enter the first part of the domain name ie if you domain is called MyDomain.local, just enter MyDomain when prompted.
ONYXAuthor Commented:
When trying to join the domain, instead of typing just the domain name  I typed mycompanyname.local. That did the trick. Not sure why, but it worked. THanks for all your help.
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