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I currently have a 2 buildings that are connected via point to point circuit to my operation center (backbone).  We will call them building a & building b
building "a" building in question
building "b" is operation center

building "A" has a router ip scheme 192.10.1.X with ip route 192.10.2.x
ip route is pointing to building "B"for internet access.

I have a new internet T  with 1.54 MBS at building "A" with firewall and internet router and want to send some of the users at building "A" out the new internet and the other users to continue to access interent  building "b".  

i want to still have all users to access information at building "A"

i have another router that i can use.  and was think of creating vlans.  i have 10 ports available on my layer 2 switch.
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How many computers are there in Building B ?

As well, what is the router make ?

If the device supports, probably without vlan's you could go with policy based routing.

vlans won't necessarily help you, but policy-based routing will if you have Cisco routers.
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