MS Outlook gives ieframe.dll error and has to shut down.

When I open MS Outlook 2007, and as I click on the Inbox or any other folder to look inside, I get an error and the MS Reporting popup appears and then it closes MS Outlook down and then restarts again.

No matter what, I can't get into my inbox by clicking on a folder.

Yes, I can get in my inbox if I click on the Inbox link under "Personal Folders - Outlook Today" Main screen but I can't do it through the folder icons on the left.

In the MS Reporting box, it shows that the error is related to ieframe.dll.

Any suggestions?

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JetheatAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help but I managed to sort it out by uninsatlling IE7. This was the problem.
IEFRAME.DLL is associated with IE7. I had to uninstall that to get the whole thing working again.


Greetings Jetheat !

1. Reset the Outlook toolbar template. With Outlook close, do a search for and rename outcmd.dat file. Restart Outlook.

In Windows XP Outcmd.dat is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. In Windows Vista, file is located in C:\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook folder. It is a hidden file, so you have to unhide hidden files. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

2. Register an important Outlook file. Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 OLE32.DLL
Do the same for INETCOMM.DLL

3. If no joy, an addin could be corrupt. Disable Outlook Addins.  Go to Tools > Trust Center > Add-Ins
 disable the addins.

4. Check if an external program running in the background is interfering with Outlook. Check Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs. Disable these programs one at a time.

5. Create a new Outlook profile.

6. If no joy, reinstall Outlook.  Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall.  A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.

Best wishes, war1

Glad you found the problem. Outlook 2007 is designed to work with IE7.  Maybe reinstalling IE7 will work now.
ee_ai_construct, OK to refund!

JH, good luck!
JetheatAuthor Commented:
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