Convert CentOs from 6Cd to DVD iso

i am downloaded Cent Os Version 5 with 6 CD's
i want to make the 6 CD's in one DVD iso
can i make that with cent Os , and i have same proplem with RHEL5
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alextoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you just download the CentOS DVD iso? There are plenty of mirrors that have it available, including this one:

Last time I checked RHN I don't remember seeing a DVD iso, so perhaps they STILL don't do one. There are a number of how-to's on the web, mainly for RHEL4, but the theory should hold good for the new version. Here's one, for example:

which actually uses a script written by CentOS for doing the job.
tarek_helallAuthor Commented:
i know that there's DVD Version Allredy
but ihaven't good connection to download it,,
so i need anyway to convert the cd version to dvd ,, thx for ur replay
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