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SMS 2003 Critical Error. Please Help.

I am having problems with SMS 2003. I keep receiving a critical error for the process SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER
Message ID: 2636
Process ID: 1516
Thread ID: 5848

SMS Discovery Data Manager failed to process the discovery data record (DDR) "", because it cannot update the data source.
Possible cause: On a Primary site, it is probably a SQL Server problem.
1. Review the immediately preceding status messages from this component about SQL Server errors.
2. Verify that this computer can reach the SQL Server computer.
3. Verify that SQL Server services are running.
4. Verify that SMS can access the SMS site database.
5. Verify that the SMS site database, transaction log, and tempdb are not full.
6. Verify that there are at least 50 SQL Server user connections, plus 5 for each SMS Administrator console.

If the problem persists, check the SQL Server error logs.

Possible cause: On a secondary site, SMS Discovery Data Manager probably cannot write to a file on the site server, so check for low disk space on the site server.
Solution: Make more space available on the site server.

I have checked all these things it recommends and still nothing changes. I can see however it seems that there is a machine that has been decommissioned that keeps refreshing with the active clients. This machine is not in an OU that is being discovered and should not be there. I have found record of it in the Site Database tables and removed it using SQL Enterprise manager, but it keeps reappearing. I thought it might be a DNS issue, so i looked at that and it still appears. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.

My site setup is SMS 2003 w/ SP2 on Windows Server 2003 w/ SP1
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1 Solution
What SQL server are you running?

A full version or the express? It sounds like a full hard disk or if its the express version of sql, a full database
NSM_SupermanAuthor Commented:
It is SQL Server 2000 Standard edition. I have had a dba look at the database and they said it was not full. How can i tell whether or not it is full?
If its standard, then it has no limit. express edition does. Make sure the drive isn't full though. I'll look up some more information on it. Unless someone else has a suggestion.

There is a KB article on this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322543

but there is no solution yet.
NSM_SupermanAuthor Commented:
I have checked the hard drive and have plenty of space. I do notice that the \SMS\Inboxes\Auth\DDR folder seems to be growing quite a bit and if I try to open it, explorer causes the CPU to rise to 100% and it never shows anything in the file folder.

This is a primary site server and the only SMS server for that matter, so the KB article that you included does not apply. Thanks for looking though.

I have been working on this for about 3 days now. I have tried to search for all the symptoms, but I can't find anything that describes EXACTLY what I am experiencing, just bits and pieces.
NSM_SupermanAuthor Commented:
Had to call Microsoft about this issue. What happened was there were some corrupt .ddr files in the path \sms\inboxes\auth\ddr.box and they needed to be removed. I had read all the Microsoft KB Articles about this particular issue and they all said that I needed to determine which one was causing me so many problems and remove that one, which I did by searching within the folder for the problem .ddr file according to the ddm.log, but the problem kept occurring. So while on the phone with Microsoft, the technician deleted the entire folder while the SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANAGER service was off. This took a while because it had accumulated to about 6.5GB... (yeah i know). After that we monitored the ddm.log and the problem machine finally came to process the assigned .ddr file and it passed! Once this happened more and more started processing and the issue was resolved. If I had only known that I could have deleted the entire folder, it probably would not have taken so long.

Just thought I would let you guys know in case it ever happened to you guys.

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