Lockdown with SteadyState - My Pictures Screensaver

I'm working on building a Kiosk out of an older Windows  XP Pro laptop.  I'm using Microsoft Windows SteadyState to help lock it down.  I have it setup so that when the kiosk user logs in, IE opens up in fullscreen mode to a page with two links and users can navigate around these two websites only (explicitly defined in SteadyState settings).

I would like the "My Pictures" screensaver to run when the PC is idle.  I set this as the screensaver for the kiosk user, then lock the user down using SteadyState, but when I remove the Control Panel icon from the start menu for the kiosk user, the default Windows logo screen saver becomes the screensaver for the kiosk user.

Any ideas on how I can make the MyPictures Screensaver stick for this user without providing the Control Panel icon on the start menu?


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This behaviour is by design unfortunately.

But the last post in that link shows a work around to "fool" windows into showing the screen saver you want.

ttist25Author Commented:
Worked great!  

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