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Experts, I am trying to create a window effect much like the "Just Updated..." status window of many antivirus programs. If you haven't seen that, it is a little window that pops up close to the task tray that alerts you that your program just updated. it is about 200px wide and 300 pixels tall. It comes up for about 2 seconds and fades away.

I'm very new to windows forms and not sure if that can be accomplished in .NET forms.

Any ideas?

~ C
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.NET provides a NotifyIcon component for that.

I don't have a handy example, but there is one in the MS docs:

As far as the popup window, are you looking for one of those little ballon windows (a feature of the NotifyIcon component) or are you looking for a "real" window?
clickclickbangAuthor Commented:
Excellent, my post was in regards to a "real window" but the ballon pop-up will do fine for what I'm after.

thanks much!
If you want a real window it's not too hard.  Instead of showing doing the balloon tip, you can design a form and just show it for a short time and then hide or close it again.  You'd do the Show/Wait/Hide in the same place where you would otherwise call the ShowBalloonTip method.  Figuring out where to place the form on the screen, assuming you want it just above the tray icon, is the tricky part.
clickclickbangAuthor Commented:
Very good. Along the sames lines of using a icon in the sys tray, you might be able to help with this question:

(I.e. trying to make it so when minimized the form disappears from the screen rather than sits in the bottom left above the tasktray).
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