Can't remotely access DVR CCTV system from home

I have a PC in my office connected to a Trendnet 435BRM router.  This PC has a 4 channel PCI DVR card with currently 2 cameras attached to it recording to the hard drives and all it great. (Win 2k pro)

My problem is that I can "remotely access" using a browser from another computer on my office network but I can not "remotely access" the web cam and play back features from my home.

In the office I only have to type "meriden-5fff569" into the browser and that allows me to remote control the cctv PC.  

I've tried using one of these websites to turn the cctv pc into a remotely accessible server and ive also got the routers internet IP address 81.158.***.*** and PC IP which is but still been unable to progress.  

Also my office router is not a static IP address, but if this would help I am looking at changing ISP soon and can pay extra for that facility.

My IT knowledge is fairly good but i've just got a bit stuck.

My Home PC setup is XP PRO with identical router to the office
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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem you are having is that your network in your office is behind a router which separates it from the network you have at home. Even if you are at home and type in the 81.158.x.x address, that doesn't mean that the router at your office is going to forward your request to the DVR system. It has to be configured to do that. But then I would hope that you have some serious security in place to keep just anyone in the world from getting to it.

What you really should do is create a VPN connection between home and your office. Once you establish that connection, then your home machine will essentially be connected to the same network that is in the office, and you will be able to access the machine you want.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Yes what you say makes sense as ive read about a VPN before and I have have a NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall  FVS 318 that I purchased with two licenses as well so i'll have another attempt at setting one of these up as it was about 2 years ago when i attempted a VPN before.

Thank you
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
I have no doubt your advice is spot on so I have awarded points, unfortunately i'm going to have to post a question in the VPN section now as ive been trying to get it to work 3 hours now and got nowhere.

Thank you AURE
I'm sorry Aura, I haven't checked in here in a couple days and didn't see you were still having issues. It probably is best to open a new question about the VPN because there are many different ways to establish VPN connections.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Not a problem i have opened a new question as a vpn question really needed to go in the right category.

Once again, im getting there slowly and thank you for your help!

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