I recently built a new computer for gaming and I am getting a
Press F1 to resume

when i connect the chassis fan to the cha_fan1(According to mobo manual i should connect my chassis fan into the cha_fan1 connectorsince it is core2duo) connector on the Mobo and when I press F1 this
process keeps repeating itself however when I connect the chassis fan in the CPU Fan connector on the Motherboard I do not get the CPU fan error but the computer does not boot up it just restarts continuously.

The spec for the computer is as follows

ASUS P5K AI Lifestyle motherboard
ULTRA 600 Watts ATX Power Supply
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe LGA 775 Dual-Core CPU 2.66GHz w/ 1333FSB
ASUS ATI Radeon EAX1900XTX Video Card
2 GB 800Mhz DDR2 Memory
2 Antec Case Fans 120mm and 80mm they are both set to high

The cpu temp ranges from  84F - 98F
mother board is 93F- 100F
Chassis Fan 1 Speed is 1721RPM

I updated my motherboard bios to the latest version available v. 6.03.  I also reset the bios settings.

Thanks for you help in advance

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Boot your PC using knoppix to check if it boots using another OS. Test your RAM using memtest86+, and also the disk using the manufacturer's utility. You'll find both on the UBCD. Also boot your XP setup but press F8 to get the boot menu, then select the option which says "disable automatic restart on system failure", you should then get a bluescreen with error code which you can post here.

You must connect CPU Fan to cpu_fan connector, chasis fan to cha-fan. Get in bios and disable the Q-FAN option see it helps.
nebestAuthor Commented:
Ok so i put the cpu fan in the cpu fan connector and i disabled the Q-Fan but the computer keeps restarting ...it goes to the bios screen then It does not load windows.

Any suggestions
Did you apply thermal paste between cpu and heatsink?
If memory is not dual channel sticks, then plug 1 stick at the time.

I would test hardware out of the case, place mobo on cardboard, plug basic devices and components see if the restart issue goes away.
from this page, it seems you need bios version 0212 :

what's your bios version?
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