Placement of Exchange in a Branch Office

Does anyone know what Microsoft's recommendation is for the placement of an Exchange server in a branch office?  I understand they suggest 100+ users should have a global catalog but I have also read where 50+ seems to be the number.  What is the number for Exchange?

Thanks for any input or links.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no recommendation from Microsoft.
Every site is different.
In some scenarios I could justify it at 25 users, others I could justify it at much higher.

It depends on the speed of the connection between the site, whether the users in that office are emailing each other, the use of things like terminal services or Citrix, attachment use etc.

If you do locate an Exchange server in a branch office then it must have a global catalog DC with it if you want the server to perform at any decent level.

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