Netgear Firewall and Network Printer Configuration issues

I have a new Netgear FVS124G Prosafe VPN Firewall.  I have successfully configured this VPN Firewall for Internet access and other needs.  I am, however, not able to get my network printer installed.  The printer is connected to the router and the router to my desktop computer.  When it comes time to install it using the CD that came with the printer, the installation does not find my printer.   My previous router, a D-Link, worked perfectly fine with this printer and a network setup.  I have uninstalled the printer and tried a fresh reinstall with no success?  Any known settings within this firewall I should look at?
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DToolshedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see that a lot with network printers. The printer either had a static LAN ip set in a different subnet, or used DHCP but it had a much longer lease than it should have. One customer had set the lease time in his router for 15 days. It would have been at least a week before it thought it should renew the lease if we didn't reset it.

What is the make and model of the printer? Most have a method to easily reset them back to factory settings. Then it's just like a new install.
Have you with your previous router setup the printer to use an IP Address that is within a different Range than what your new router uses? You might first have to check the printer's manual and find out how to reset it's network settings, after that the CD may find it.
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