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Webpage "Multi Line Graphs" and "Bar Indicators" advice.

I'm an MS Office VB Programmer and I'm just getting into Ajax - Studying up on XML, Java Script, PHP and so on.
I've developed a lot of intricate database type applications using a lot of the "Built in" objects in MS Office.
I'm looking to rewrite my applications in web based technology.
I don't want to use Java Runtime environment which rules out a few languages.
All is going swimmingly on the interection of data, data manipulation and the webpages.
I use a lot of "Multi Line Graphs" and "Bar Indicators" in my applications.
My questions is:
What's the best language to use for vector graphs manipulation to produce "Multi Line Graphs" and "Bar Indicators"?
Any examples?
Would I be reinveting the wheel on these?
Are there "Multi Line Graphs" and "Bar Indicators" code, software I could use/buy without writing it from scratch.
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Julian MatzCommented:
Hi quickdan,

Not sure if this is any help, but I can recommend FusionCharts. They are in Flash but use XML files to get the data, so you're basically free to use any programming language and any type of database. Last time I checked, they were offering free demo packages which I found extremely easy to integrate, using PHP and MySQL to create the XML files.

An extra bonus is that the charts look really flash :)


Hope this helps...
quickdanAuthor Commented:
I did a lot of research and came up with these guys also but I was most interested to see if anyone had used them. The ideal graphing app for me isn't out there, possibably because I'm after something very specific. I intent to write my own but that will take some serious time so I'll use these guys in the mean time.
Thanks for recommendation.
Julian MatzCommented:
No problem. I understand what you mean. I often find that in order to get exactly what I need, I have to develop it myself, but most of the time that can be very time consuming : )

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