RAID/Volume set not showing full capacity

Hello.  I am trying to set up a server with a RAID 5 configuration.  I am using an areca 1220 controller in the server.  My problem is that the OS (Linux Red Hat 9) does not see the RAID.
When creating the RAID it shows all the drives (5 drives) and its capacity.  Once I setup the Volume Set, It shows 0 Capacity.  My question would be why after creating the volume set would the system show 0 Capacity?
What would cause it to think the drives have no space left?

Thank you
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You will require a driver for Linux so to get RH to see the array. You should be able to download the driver from the Areca site, and there should also be installation instructions there. Also RH9 is rather ancient, I'd get a more modern version, like Fedora core 7 which is the opensource branch of redhat, or CentOS, which is an opensource clone of the redhat enterprise versions.

cbonesAuthor Commented:
When the server is booting up and I hit tab to go into the controller.   It shows 0 capacity.  Shouldn't it show the full size of the volume in there?

Thank you.
Did you find and install the driver? Also, as I said, RH9 is ancient. The drivers might not work with such an old version of Linux.
cbones, make sure the capacity you are looking at is the array capacity or the available capacity for creating a new array.  You may be in the array configuration portion of the controllr utility, and because you have already created an array, you will not have any available capacity for a new array.  

In regard to the OS not seeing the drive, rindi has already addressed that.

Best of luck.
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