LDAP query for Terminal Services Profile Path

Has anyone come across issue with running LDAP query for terminal profiles profile path?

I can query for specific profile path from ADUC, but the same does not work for TS profile path
(&(objectclass=user)(ProfilePath=*<STRING_1>*)) works fine
(&(objectclass=user)(TerminalServicesProfilePath=*<STRING_2>*)) will not give you any results&.

TerminalServicesProfilePath attribute does not seem to be accepted when put that way. There must be some easy way to run this query other then scripting it or/and using tscmd from sysinternals.

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The TS Profile Path is not an LDAP attribute, so you can't query AD for it.  (If you open ADSI Edit, you will see that the TerminalServicesProfilePath attribute does not exist within AD, even though you might logically think that it should.)

tscmd/scripting is the only way to go on this one, unfortunately.
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