superimpose images in Word on a single page

I would like to insert a couple of images onto a page. One image is a transparent graphic that says confidential that I would like to appear on each page. The other is a scanned drawing that is the actual content of my document. There will be multiple scanned documents, one per page. I want "confidential" to be superimposed on each.

I've seen this done. How do I do it?
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Eric FletcherCommented:
You are almost there with the image in the header/footer. The trick is to make the image fill space outside of the header/footer without pushing its boundaries into your text area. To do this, select the iamge and open Format Picture (I'm using Word 2003 but the approach should be similar). In the Layout tab, choose Behind text and OK. Now you can scale the image to make it fit the page. In fact, you can make it larger than the page if you use the Size option in the dialog.

However, for your application, it may not be necessary to put it in the header/footers: You could place two images -- your page picture and the confidential note -- and use the Format dialog to let them overlap.
You can use a watermark. Go Format  Background  Printed Watermark.

jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
I have Word 2000. Under: Format > Background, my only choices are a color pallete, "More Colors" and "Fill Effects". Under "Fill Effects" I can select Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picuture. I see no "Printed Watermark" under any option.

When I try help on "Watermark", I get the following [my comments are in brackets]:

Add a watermark to a printed document
To print a watermark, you must insert it into a header or footer. The watermark is printed wherever you place it on the page  it doesn't have to be confined to the area at the top or bottom of the page.

On the View menu, click Header and Footer.

On the Header and Footer toolbar, click Show/Hide Document Text  to hide the text and graphics in the main document.

Insert a graphic  a drawing object such as an AutoShape, clip art, WordArt, or picture  or insert a text box.

[despite what it says above about "it doesn't have to be confined to the area at the top or bottom of the page", I cannot seem to do anything to place my graphic anywhere but inside the header/footer]
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Sorry, i'm working off of Word 2003...They made it simpler. Here's how Microsoft walks you through it for Word 97 & 2000:
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The trouble with a watermark is that it will not show in front of an image (it works OK with text) and I can't think of how you can slove that problem in Word.
Eric FletcherCommented:
KCTS is right: a Word watermark won't work with the images. Try using the 2 images as I explained above--or maybe a header/footer will work in Word 2000.
jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Sorry to take so long getting back to this. The other images on my pages are small and scattered, so I don't think it is a big problem if the "watermark" is occluded. In any case, I cheated (below).

I did insert an image into the header. I discovered that I did not need to create a text box to do this. Microsofts instructions are pretty confusing. All I needed to do was insert -> Picture -> Word Art (to insert the word "Confidential"). It let me position, change size, spacing, rotation, etc. The only real problem was that it would not let me change colors. I wanted to make the text fainter, but I resorted to using an outline font. I could probably figure out some way to make an acutal graphic image, but my tools for that are limited to Paint and that doesn't appear to let me rotate (but that just be my lack of expertise).

The document I wanted to do this on was relatively short (20 pages), so to get the watermark to print over the page images I printed the original, then ran those sheets back through the printer and printed 20 copies of the single page containing my watermark text over top of the original document. Cheating, but it worked, at least for hard-copy.
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