Deploying exhcnage server into a Mac OS 10.x domain

Have a customer that wants to deploy exchange 2003 server for 200 users.  thier current domain to setup on a Mac OS 10.5 Server, running Open Directory and basically emulating a NT 4 PDC.

Has anybody deploy an exchange server on a simular network?

I assume we should setup a new 2003 server serporate from Exchange serverto handle GC role.

Can we move all user acccounts and domain logins to new windows server?

Looking for some resources for info on best practices in this kind of setup
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Stacy SpearConnect With a Mentor President/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Exchange wants to talk to a DC. I support a shop where the Exchange server is on a different subnet than everything else and it is a single server with all the roles on it.

One of the issues you will face is that Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom, didn't follow the LDAP spec exactly which causes some issues. Your main problem however is that Exchange modifies the schema of an organization at the DC. Due to the differences in LDAP V3 and Active Directory, I don't think that Exchange will work in a native MAC environment.

A better solution in this case IMHO is to use Scalix or Zimbra. As they have *nix versions and maybe even a Mac version, you wouldn't have the issues with of trying to interoperate Windows and Macs directory information.
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