Unable to use uninstall in Control Panel plus how to take off computer password.

I cannot get uninstall to work in the Control Panel (greyed out). This happened after someone else fiddled with my computer trying to set up a network unsuccessfully (I'm solving that in another place here). I did start to set up a password to keep my things safe, but I didn't type in a password and just left it to a "blank password"! I merely click "enter" and it comes up after a reboot. I have done this before and NEVER had the uninstall not work. It seems to have happened after our friend tried to set up this network between my computer and my daughter's laptop (got the answer; need some equipment).

Also, twice or more yesterday it rebooted to USER which I have never ever fiddled with. Our friend said to just delete it. It did stop it, and next time I simply typed in my name, left password blank, and all was well. Did I (we) do something wrong there? (I mean by deleted "user"?)

Just need to know how to totally get out of any stop (of Windows loading) for blank password (under my own name, not administrator) as it has "disappeared" on me (where I thought I turned that off or on), and when I worked on it in Control Panel (administration) nothing changed. ??? AND I need to uninstall some programs.

One other thing that bugs me is that Win2000 constantly is updating (daily if I click on it), and there are MANY items in the lineup showing in the "Remove Programs" section of Control Panel that are strange to me and appear to be small programs I never asked for. It's a very very long list. Does anyone know what Win2000 is updating daily perchance? And how can I show someone what I am talking about so that we can decide whether or not to leave them or remove some of them. It's so long I really hate to write it by hand and then type them all in here. I can take a screen shot and attach/insert it somewhere if necessary. Just let me know.

Guess this is a three-part or more question of sorts, or perhaps it's a two-part? Not sure, but everything happened at the same time thus my confusion! And 2000 has just been fabulous to work with of late. Never ever better! I love it (and it's only 6 years old!!! LOL!! All the fixes did something plus I run Norton SystemWorks program (from my CD, not on the hard drive) that checks Registry so I can see what to get rid of or fix.

Thanks in advance. I wish I could explain things with fewer words, but I still cannot. I am working on that! I just talk too much, I know. :o)

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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for the delay. I saw the image you uploaded, shows the "Change/Remove" button greyed out in the control panel.

I am assuming this is a standalone PC and not connected to a domain server for logins?

Can you make sure that your login account has "Administrator" privileges?
First, log out (don;t reboot). When the log-on window appears, note the username you are logging in as.
Then Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users
then right-click on your own username and select "Properties" and click on the "Member of" tab to see if "Administrators" is listed there.

If it is confirmed that you are an Administrator, then the next step is to run the Group Policy Editor. Click Start -> Run -> type in "gpedit.msc" without quotes -> click OK. A new program should start.

On the left side, expand: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

Examine the entries there to see if there is anything that relates to the current problem and let me know, but don't change anything.

As I understand it, you want Windows 2000 to log you in directly, without showing the login window?  If so, you can try this fix:


Re. your other question, that you cannot uninstall programs, are you saying that the Add/Remove Programs control panel is greyed out? Please clarify. Later you say that there are many small programs in the Add/Remove control panel, which means it can't be greyed out.

If you want to upload an image of what you're describing, you can upload to http://www.ee-stuff.com/ (click on the "login" link the upper-right corner there). Or you can just post 3 or 4 typical names of such programs here.

Re. Windows Updates, do you mean you're getting that small update icon in the system tray daily? That seems excessive. Normally when the updates are done they show you whether it was sucessfull or not. Check that more carefully, it may be the same update failing each time. post the number of the updates that are failing.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Yes, I want to log in automatically like I did before. I somehow lost the place I go to when I do or don't want to log in. I'll check out the link.

I cannot uninstall. ALL programs are greyed when I click on them. No size is showing until I highlight. I just got a shot for you, but I cannot get it to upload. There is no place to do so. I got into the area, but it just says to submit this URL (as best I understand it). I can send it the instant I know where to upload.

I highlighted one program so you can see how it is greyed out and how all programs are void of real info until I try to uninstall (but cannot). I shot the MANY programs that must be coming in from Windows updates. I have not installed these things. It used to be just the usual on updating, but these are "weird" programs or whatever. Can't figure anything out by them except the names may ring bells for someone here. They are mostly what is showing on the snapshot.

My little icon in the start-up tray is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS has something to upload. It does so, says it is successful and quits. I can get another and then another for however many I hover to see. I can watch as it uploads to me, but I have no idea what it's doing (probably the strangely named programs that are stacking up like cord wood in Control Panel's Add/Remove area. Beats me. How would I know what it's uploading/updating? I used to see, but no more. Not for months. I'm getting tired of this many updates, and it's surprising since it is Win2000!!!

Let me know what to do where and when/how, and I'll get the info for you.

Thanks a lot.

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Lindsay37Author Commented:
Oops. I did check the password link, and I have done that. It's unticked, but it continues to ask for a password anyway. Pesky, and we were doing SO well here this year with 2000. Shoot!

Thanks again. Maybe I'm coming up as a "different" person? Is that possible it thinks I'm not me? How?

Here are the more complete steps for uploading a file to the http://www.ee-stuff.com/  web site:

First login on that web site by clicking on the "login" link at upper-right of that page.
Then, click on the "Expert Area" tab (next to the Home tab)
Then click on "Upload a new file"
In the Question field, enter the question ID (in this case: 22727074)
Click browse to locate the file to upload from your local drive.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Go here please:   https://filedb.experts-exchange.com/incoming/ee-stuff/4197-Add-Remove-not-working.jpg

Okay, it's there. You can see the problems. I can only see anything if I highlight a program and then it's greyed out for size and uninstall or repair. Before I could see the size AND was able to uninstall. This is a new problem for me. I think that the fellow who was working between our two computers to network them did something I don't know about so I don't know where to look. He told me to remove "User" in CP under Passwords, etc. which was coming up rather than my name. So that is there but in a different location. I have lots of guests, users, administrator, and myself which is all I need to use.

Remember that box is NOT ticked so I do not know how to fix this bit of a mess (small though it be and yet an irritatant).
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Got it. I am the Administrator (properties for my name). Ran the program as suggested, and nothing is "configured." I am prohibited from doing anything on this computer. I'm talking about everything under User Config. then all under Network and finally all under Systems!

 I'd like to know how it was done. I usually never allow people to get inside my computer like this. So shame on me! This friend of my daughter's is "trying" to set up a LAN between my PC and laptop things but he has no idea what he is doing! He has obviously taken a lot of freedoms (I switched my daughter's user ability to "cannot uninstall...." from "never expires." I want to limit everyone from touching any controls please! NO ONE is to have any ability to do anything in here including setting up a network (I have all the instructions from here and need to get some equipment). How can I protect this. I have many GBs in photos, and I need to save them, but I can't get this all done before I leave today and then tomorrow, etc. It's perhaps a "When the cat's away...." time around here! I've had this thing since 1999, and the only other time things got messy were with Dell techs on the phone causing me to reformat and start over several times. Then my son got it upset while I was in the hospital. Since then nobody has touched it UNTIL this past week into last evening. I want TOTAL control.

Okay, I think because of this and because I leave for appointments now and again regularly, I MUST put this baby on a password system  in full force. IPlease walk me through. My account and Judy's account ONLY for now. Then please tell me how to fix it so that when it reboots (I'll turn it off any time I leave) my daughter will know only how to access with her User account but cannot dig into the guts of all of it including this fellow she allows in it who is knowledgeable but in this case a little knowledge is dangerous I am finding. I had it all ironed out with EE's help (never better), and suddenly he starts fiddling, and it's my fault for trusting, and things are not working right at all.

One other thing is that my Quick Launch is no longer at the left beside "Start" where I want it (I had that happen a few years ago but cannot remember the fix). All my tray icons (not the Start up stuff on the right) are on another quick launch bar shoved to the right beside the start up area on the right. I think that's an easy fix. At least it was. How on earth is all this stuff happening? Redundant. He's messing around in areas that affect everything I do including causing programs to malfunctionI'm pretty sure  (i.e., suddenly Quicken would not open so I had to start from scratch! And yet that could be a fluke? I don't know. I just know one by one I'm getting crazy things happening after he's here so help me save myself. LOL!!! BTW, what are ALL those entries in Uninstall/Install? I have not a clue.

Thanks a million!!!
Thanks a million. I'm not a little unhappy here! And it
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Oops, I hit enter before ready. Thanks a million is fine, but I have no idea what And it....... was about.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I finally just had to format and start all over! There were too many problems probably from someone else fiddling with my computer. Thanks for the helps! I'll ask some others in another question(s).

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