ASA5505 & QoS


How do I setup Quality of Service on my ASA5505 - basically I want to give SIP traffic priority.


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Here's basic QoS configurations. Mileage may vary since the QoS is only really designed to police traffic through a VPN tunel.
The real question is how does the remainder of your infrastructure treat QOS?

Are you already QOS enabled with your SIP capable devices? and will you be marking DSCP values on ingress into your network? Your ASA is just one device you really need an overall network QOS policy, how do all your devices fit into that plan?

You also need to deal with potentially marking external traffic that comes into your network, how will that be accomplished? How is traffic treated from a QOS perspective after it leaves your local network?

This can be complex, depends on what you are trying to do.


Please be careful when configuring QoS on the 5505 platform. I have had issues, including my cisco Tac engineer, producing results with a correct configuration. Even in the 8.0 configuration guide, priority can't be bound to VLAN interfaces, which is only available on the 5505. Once you have your config, test the implementation with the global_policy vs interface policy-maps.
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