Can not add any more computers to Domain!

Dear Experts,
I tried to add a computer to my Domain (corporate network) but I got a message saying that can not add any more computers.

Can you help me out and tell me what is that message for and how to solve it.
Thank you
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Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

Are you trying to join computers with domain administrator's credentials or with regular domain user account? Domain users are limited to add only 10 computers to domain.


I would need a little more information to be certain (like type of server/clients) but I am pretty sure you are running into a licensing issue.

What type(s) of server(s) are you running (what OS), and what kind of clients? Do you know how many CALs your server has?

Licence will not affect you joining computers into domain.

I think Toniur might be right asking if you are joining computers using a domain user  credential. while the default limit is 10, you can change that in the AD.
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