How do I totally delete my Xbox Live account so I can recreate it?
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Easiest method is to call MS/XBox Live support and notify them you would like to cancel. They will do their darndest to keep you as a customer, ask how they can help, and if you would like somethign else in its place. Once that is all confirmed you want to delete your XBL account they will reimburse what they can of your account pro-rated. Pre-paid membership cards, they will usually reimburse you with a MS Points card in its place. Once the account is deleted you will not be able to use that name for some time. I don't remember if their retention policy was 6 months or a year.

Once your account is deleted then you can either from Online, or your XBOX/X360 create a new account. At any given time you can create a new Silver XBL account from your XBox.
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You can delete your account but you cannot reuse your subscription key - you will need to buy a new one.
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In the US

Also look at the recover and migrate account entries - this may be what you are intending to do.
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