Need to remotely obtain Dymanic IP address

I have a client with some PC's taht are connected to pumping stations in remote locations, we can get wireless modems that will work in such areas however they dont have a static IP address, and the client obviously needs the IP address to connect, we cant get anythign in Australia that has a static address, and DSL is not availiable in this area.

Is there any way I can use software to email me when there is an IP address change with the new IP? or any otehr way around this? maybe a website that the comptuer registers on and I can login and obtain the IP?
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Regardless of the fact that the users are using dial-up connections they should be able to use a dynamic domain name service such as or so long as you have a Windows based PC that can run the update client. These services are free if you require less than 5 connections, $9.95/year for 20 IP's. With each site you would create a custom domain name like , and so on. Then you would connect to the domain name rather than the IP. If necessary to know the IP you can do a nslookup or look at your on-line management console for the service.
NOSITAuthor Commented:
I just found one of the above sites as I got an email saying I had an answer.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Great. Both are good services.
Thanks NOSIT.
Cheers !
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