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NVRAID wont rebuild.

I have a Windows Server 2003 using Tyan motherboard. It has onboard NVRAID. We have the OS set to a mirror raid array.
Last night we got the error that one of the drives had an error and it would not rebuild from within the OS. We then shut down the server took out the failed drive and ran diagnostics on it and it found bad sectors. We replaced the drive with a new one and added it to the mirror but now the OS will not boot up. We enter into the set up to do a rebuild but it says operating system uninstalled but if we turn off the NVRAID then it will proceed to boot to the Good Drive. Does anyone know how we need to go about recreating our mirror raid and keeping our OS intact using this utility. Both drives are 80 gig SATA's.
1 Solution
Try this:

- Clone the drive (good one that is bootable drive) when Raid turned off using acronis or ghost.
- Start system and turn on the raid, insert acronis or ghost in and do restore.

For better later, disable nvRaid, buy yourself an adaptec raid card which will easy configure, maintain, rebuild.
Nett-workingAuthor Commented:
Hmm if I am not mistaken but Ghost or Acronis do not have any tech specs listed for being able to clone any server operating systems.
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set the raid back again and GIVE IT TIME TO COPY from the good boot drive to the new drive.  It takes as much as 8 hours to rebuild the RAID.  If the boot drive of the raid is the good drive, then the second one will rebuild overnight, you are just too impatient.
Nett-workingAuthor Commented:
Well it doesnt boot from the raid and in the boot console it doesn't have any progress bar or anything to indicate that it is rebuilding at all. Is there some specific place in the NVRAID boot console that I need to check to view progress on the rebuild?
try the nvraid GUI, should be installed somewere in the start menu.
If it isnt go to Nvidia and DL latest driver for the chipset (if 2K3 is supported)

Once booted you should see the array in the tool m;arked as broken
Hot plug the new drive (sata supports it)..dont reboot...and in the nvraid GUI fix the array... there should be a percentage ...very slow can take up to 8 hours.

Now all this stuff hotplug ect ...its not very recommended to on production server...better pay just a bit more money and buy something decent at HP or Dell or whatever with a raid processor.
If you cant afford the raid processor then use MS dynamic disks.
Nvraid is great for storing mp3s but not so good for a server environment.

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