Managing multiple e-mail addresses in outlook and make it available on laptop & desktop

I am working with a client who is trying to best manage his e-mail. He started with multiple hotmail accounts, one from banking, one for personal, one for investments, etc, etc.. the issue there is that he cannot create additional folders under the inbox for each of the accounts..

He trhen moved to a pop3 account where he has a domain name, but havse created 20 e-mail addresses in that domain all for him. He uses the different e-mail addresses to direct the incoming and outgoing mail to the proper folders, so the Banking e-mail address puts it incoming and outgoing mail to the banking folder, etc.. I am not sure if this is the best or if it would have been better to set the rules based on the incoming from e-mail or the outgoing to address, but he thinks it is easier to base it on his address.

My questions is that he now wants to sync this with his laptop. I see a few Sync programs to sync PST files, but am curious as the the general recomendations here.. I see 4 possibilities (add others is you can think of others.

1) Move to an Exchage server, so while traveling with the laptop it goes to the smae account(s) as the desktop, or use OWA.
2) go back to an IMAP, wich will be web based, but is not being able to create folders under the outbox in Outlook limited to hotmail, or do all IMAP mail server limit creating local folders that would be replicated on the server?
3)Stay with Outlook and the POP3 accounts, but use Remote desktop, to get to his desktop while traveling remotely?
4) use one of the shareware PST syncronization programs (anyone have any experience?)

Let me know your thoughts / recomendations.
I am awarding 500 points as I am guessing I will split it between 2-3 good answers (unless one covers it all)
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1) Exchange server, while it would be a great solution, would be very expensive solution for the client as it is only one user.
2) The problem with IMAP is that you are usually limited to the amount of email you can store on the remote server.  Your client sounds like they would use all this space real quick
3) Keeping the PST files on one computer would be the most stable.  As long as the user could leave the home computer on all the time he would always be able to connect to it and view his email.  For remote access the user could use RDP (only if they use XP Pro) and if they don't have XP Pro they could use or
4) I've never heard anything good about syncronizing PST files.  PST files can be easily corrupted and syncronizing them would probably increase that possibility.  
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
While he has lots of e-mail accounts, I do not think he would go over the IMPA limit of 2GB set by many hosting companies..

If space is nt a consideration, other reasosn for or agaoinst IMAP ?
Should you be able to create additional sub folders in Outlook and have them reflected in the IMAP server ?
IMAP would be a reasonable solution if you have the space.  You can setup Outlook to sync multiple folders without an issue.  After you setup IMAP, if you have questions in regards to the folders go to Outlook To setup folders for IMAP go to the Microsoft Outlook Office Help and type "imap folders"
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