Looking for a very specific firefox plugin to refresh pages

Ok, I need a very specific plugin for FF, what I need it to do is this:

When it is started with multiple tabs open, it will be (with adjustable time settings) able to refresh the next tab in the list, then switch to it, refresh the next tab in the list, then switch to that, and so on. Basically, I want to have a few different news sites open to be constantly refreshed. It needs to be easy to enable/disable, and must run on 2.0+ on Linux. It also needs to run in "Fullscreen" (F11) mode

I'd really appreciate it if someone can either show me something that can do this, or even just hack something together real quick.
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Marc ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Tab Mix Plus extension has a section under it's Menu options to include a few different Reload options such as Reload Left Tab, Reload Right Tab, Reload Other Tabs, Reload Tab Every...  I think that one will allow you to set the time frame.
Take a look at it.
FebaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I can get that to cycle tabs, and it looks like I can set them to reload on an individual basis. I'll have to try it out some to be sure, but it should work great.
Marc ZCommented:

Tab Mix Plus is the third extension I install on all of my Firefox profiles.  It adds a Lot of customization.
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