How to prevent browsing access to a shared folder...?

I have a network with few shared folders that are created automatically upon login (login script).
the server is windows2003 and the clients are windows 2000 and windows xp.

I need a way that the shared folder S: can not be browsed via my computer...
I know that at one time I used a .adm file I downloaded from the internet that prevents certain letters to be browsed via the browser...

The idea is that there is an application in this shared the users must have full access to the folder.R/W)... but at the same time I am afraid that they might delete files if the browse the folder..
PS. the application is VFP

please help.
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Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
you are right; but if you are worry only about deleting files from shared by users so you can disable the delete from security..
right click the folder
choose the users you want
tick deny on delete, delete subfolders.
Check out this Technet article.  The article was based around Windows 2000 but should also work with 2003.

You can also check out this article for a different means of accomplishing this task.
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
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ammounpierreAuthor Commented:
but what if they go to run and type  S:\ ???
I would need then to prevent the run command and the dos prompt...
and also the network neighborhood...
Blue tab has it right, and they will not be able to use the run box.
But you will need to disable a dos shell as well, per

ammounpierreAuthor Commented:
X-Reagent... the problem of the delete is that the application itself creates temporary files that it deletes upon if I disable the that case the application too wont be able to delete and clean itself from temp files...
any other suggestion ?
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
you can change the security setting for the program files only .. and give full control access to the path where the temp file getting stored.
ammounpierreAuthor Commented:
X-Reagent: can you please be more specific ? I did not understand...
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
on the application files which you are worry about it and don't want any user to delete it, u can modify the security and deny delete option to those users  as I have explained above.
Ahmed Abdel SalamPh.D. CandidateCommented:
I mean don't do that for the entire folders, just modefy it for the files so it will not effect the temp files.
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