Change record on MSHFlexGrid

How do I change records in an MSHFlexGrid? I have an MSFlexGrid that is able to do this by this code:

If FlexGrid.MouseRow Then
    If FlexGrid.MouseCol Then
        SavedRow = FlexGrid.Row
        SavedCol = FlexGrid.Col
        txtEdit.Left = FlexGrid.CellLeft
        txtEdit.Top = FlexGrid.CellTop
        txtEdit.width = FlexGrid.CellWidth
        txtEdit.height = FlexGrid.CellHeight
        txtEdit.Text = FlexGrid.Text
        txtEdit.SelLength = Len(txtEdit.Text)
        txtEdit.Visible = True
    End If
    If FlexGrid.Tag = CStr(FlexGrid.Col) Then
        'FlexGrid.Sort = flexSortStringNoCaseDescending
        FlexGrid.Tag = vbNullString
        SortBy FlexGrid.TextMatrix(0, FlexGrid.Col), True
        'FlexGrid.Sort = flexSortStringNoCaseAscending
        FlexGrid.Tag = FlexGrid.Col
        SortBy FlexGrid.TextMatrix(0, FlexGrid.Col), False
    End If
End If

But that code doesn't work on my MSHFlexGrid
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