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Designing a reporting web site? Join the discussion, please.

As soon as we will or already we had the same problem. So, please join the discussion.

I would like to design a report tool(web site) by using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server 2005. The user could be design his report and save from the design page and could view his designed page from report page by the help of grids and charts. The user could also give some filters while viewing the report. I have some questions while making this structure...

 What should be done for the design page? For example;
 a) How should I view the Database tables structure? Should I use views instead of table structures or any other way(like using SQL Server Reporting Tools, OLAP Cubes, Objects, Datasets)?

 b) How should I save the report designs ( as objects?, in database?, or in SQL Server Reporting Tools, in OLAP Cubes in MDX Queries)?

 c) Should I use Analysis Services(OLAP) or SQL Reporting Services?

 d) Is there complete solution or a (architecture) design pattern for this kind of design?

 e) Do you have samples, walkthroughs?

Any contribution is helpful.
1 Solution
You seem to know a little about SQL Server and you mention SQL Reporting Services. Are you aware that this is a featured web site that is designed specifically for this purpose? I have not used the 2005 version but I have built several sites using the 2000 version. You can either use the example web site straight out of the box or you can write your own using the web services interface.

If you use it straight out of the box you will only need to configure it. It should take less than a day to get it up and running. We built a fully customised site with custom Authentication and Authorisation based on ASP.Net 2.0 master pages and it took us less than a month.
kosturdurAuthor Commented:
Hi ethoths,
We are writing add-on to a commercial program so while I'm looking for SQL Reporting Services, I realized that the original SQL Server 2005 that licensed with the program is not include Reporting Services and Anaysis Services. I'm so sorry to learn that now because your solution seemed to be perfect. But know we have to write our code with ASP.Net.
Any suggestions?

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