RT 91 on ADO code

Posted on 2007-07-30
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
Why would I be getting a RT 91 on the last line of this code?

Dim rstUsers As ADODB.Recordset
If FlexGrid.Row <> -1 Then
   FlexGrid.Col = 0
End If

If FlexGrid.Text <> "" Then
    strQuery = "SELECT * From fan_" & cboLoadDB.Text & " Where ID= " & FlexGrid.Text strQuery, Myconn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
Question by:Takamine334
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    Expert Comment

    Are you displaying headers in first row? If yes then in that case use the following:
    If FlexGrid.Row <> 0 Then
       FlexGrid.Col = 0
    End If
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    Accepted Solution

    To solve this you can:


    set rstUsers = New ADODB.Recordset etc....


    Note the use of the New  keyword. Also note you cannot always use new, for example if you wanter to trap events for the recordset.  

    Dim rstUsers As New ADODB.Recordset

    You may also get the same error if the connection is not open but I am not certain of this..

    But there is a much better way I will post some code for you, it will save you hours in the future....
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    Expert Comment

    I have created a handy class for ado operations I declare the class at module level like this

    DIM ADO as New zADO  ' note zADO is what I called my class

    So you can write code like this:
    Private MySub()

    Dim MyRS As ADODB.Recordset

    DIM OK
    DIM SQL As String
    SQL= "Select * etc....."
    OK = ADO.OpenRSOK(CN, RS, SQL, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic, adCmdText, adUseServer)
    If Not Ok Then
        MsgBox  ADO.ErrD, vbExclamation, "My Function Description"
        Exit Sub
    End If

    ' Don't forget to Add projet reference to MS ActiveX Data Objects
    Public Function OpenRSOK(CN As adodb.Connection, RS As adodb.Recordset, SQL As String, Optional CursorType As adodb.CursorTypeEnum = adOpenForwardOnly, Optional LockType As LockTypeEnum = adLockReadOnly, Optional CommandType As adodb.CommandTypeEnum = adCmdText, Optional CursorLocation As adodb.CursorLocationEnum = adUseServer, Optional AppendOnly As Boolean = False) As Boolean

    ' Opens any type of recordset return true is OK

    ' to open for locking updates
    'OK = OpenRSOK(CN, RS, SQL, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic, adCmdText, adUseServer)

    ' to open for fast readonly
    ' but don't use client with large tables
    'OK = OpenRSOK(CN, RS, SQ, adOpenStatic + adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText, adUseClient)

    ' first test to make sure connection is open
    If Not IsConnected(CN) Then
        ErrD = "Connection not open or not instanciated"
        ErrN = -1
        Exit Function
    End If

    ' Create a new recordset
    Set RS = New adodb.Recordset
    If Not IDE Then
        On Error Resume Next
    End If


    RS.CursorLocation = CursorLocation
    If AppendOnly Then
        ' **** Warning only works with Access
        ' but even then it don't work.
        ' so it is best to use some sql a bit like this
        ' where there will never be a record zero
        ' SQL = "Select * from [myTable] Where [MyID]=0
        ' and open the table for normal updates as AppendOnly does not seem to work
        ' as it says in the manual, but it works fine in DAO (somebody ask Bill why?)
        RS.Properties("Append-Only Rowset") = True
    End If
    RS.Open SQL, CN, CursorType, LockType, CommandType

    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
        Set RS = Nothing
        OpenRSOK = False
        OpenRSOK = True
    End If

    End Function

    Public Function IsConnected(CN As adodb.Connection) As Boolean
    If Not CN Is Nothing Then
        If CN.State = adStateOpen Then
            IsConnected = True
        End If
    End If
    End Function
    Public Function IDE(Optional Genuine As Boolean = False) As Boolean

    ' Returns True if running in debug (IDE) mode
    '         False if running in an EXE


    ' Set LiveMode = True in the declarations to override so test app as EXE


    ' If ADO.IDE Then
    '   Stop
    ' End If

    ' Also when you realy want to know if in IDE before using function that
    ' cause IDE to hang
    ' If Not IDE(True) Then
    '   Application.Lock ' Will cuase IDE to hang and need to reboot machine
    '   Application("HitCount") = Application("HitCount") + 1
    '   Application.UnLock
    '   Application("HitCount") = Application("HitCount") + 1
    ' End If

    If Not Genuine And LiveMode Then
        IDE = False
        Exit Function
    End If

    Static mIDEDone As Boolean
    Static mIDE As Boolean

    If Not mIDEDone Then ' See below
        ' just do this first time round then store the result
        On Error Resume Next
        Debug.Print 1 / 0; ' THis will cuase error in IDE but is ignored in EXE
        If Err.Number <> 0 Then
            mIDE = True
            mIDE = False
        End If
        mIDEDone = True
    End If
    IDE = mIDE
    End Function


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