Flash MX 2004 running an external exe/bat file for a CD-based intro

Hello experts,

I am trying to make a Flash MX 2004-based front-end to an installation CD for some software that we use internally.

I have designed the screens no problem, but I am trying to get Flash to run an .exe file to kick start the installation process as normal... but thats where I get stuck.

I have a button on the screen and when clicked, the following (simple) code is run.

on (release) {

...but this doesn't work.  I have tried this in the Flash environment, as an exported movie, and as a created projector file.

I have read some of the other questions on and off Experts Exchange and suggestions have pointed to using batch files to do this... but the files still do not actually run.

on (release) {

To clarify, the exe and bat files are all stored in the same folder as the output .swf/.exe file, so finding the file shouldn't be the problem... (he says!)

Am I doing something wrong here?  I await your help in exchange for mucho points, of course!

Kind regards,

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I believe you have to put all of your executables in a folder named "fscommand"  

try that first... and let me know if this solves it.

raggedybooAuthor Commented:
Good stuff, rascalpants!  You truly are a wizard!

And to clarify for anyone else who reads this, the external file will only run from the projector file, not the .swf file?

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