.wma file says 'Licence Required' - I bought the song, and it used to work - but not any more

I downloaded some Jools Holland from a web site a while back - all above board - I paid for it, and had some license or whatever with it also.

For some reason I can no longer play the songs - it keeps coming up with 'license required' and tells me I need to go to the original web site that I downloaded from.

I have no idea what it was - and my blood is boiling because I actually paid for this music and I can't listen to it.

I had to re-install Windows not so long ago, so maybe I wiped the license off then ?

What can I do ?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
milkmon123 you havent heard of youtube mate
Jools Holland  play to your hearts content
then instead of using limewire get rid of that and install mp3mymp3 instead, play your tracks on youtube and record the audio  live rom your speakers to mp3 done deal.
if the license was saved in a file or within the registry, then its normal that a format/reinstall wiped that information off the system!

you should contact back the website and tell them the situation, and only they can re-issue the license.
milkmon123Author Commented:

I can't remember which web site it was.

This sucks - No wonder there is so much music piracy.

Oh well, if you can't beat them, join them - I'm going to download LimeWire LOL

Thanks anyway

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In 2004 I was at a Nokia press briefing, where they were rolling out their DRM  music solution, which was a subscription to hire massive libraries of music that would (in true Mission Impossible tradition) self destruct if the licence wasn't renewed. "Any Questions," asked the presenter. So I asked,
"What if a user has a pristine soundcard like say, M-Audio's Audiophile and a minidisc recorder. Can't they exploit the 'analogue hole' and capture the entrie library in pristine condition."
"Yes," he said, "but we're not worried about those few people."  
milkmon123Author Commented:
I had a wierd dream a while ago....

It was all based around the music business, and fat cats like Sony etc - the execs had grown fatter and fatter and had met bursting point basically, and the musicians had all but drank and snorted all they could - and all of a sudden they simultaneously starting crapping their nappies because this thing called 'the internet' came along.

It was wierd as I thought, why are they suddenly scared? -people have been taping the top 40 off the radio for years, and you would always lend a mate a record knowing he was going to tape it onto a TDK90 - then came the tape to tape hi-fi's - so I couldn't understand all the hype....

Then a strange thing happened in my dream - I realised the music company bosses were turning into huge fat greedy slugs - it was quite un-nerving.... they were trying to eat everything - from the artists to the customers... really strange stuff...... their panic over the internet had turned them into the most vile greedy slugs you could ever know.... crazy stuff - really 'out there'..... (understand this was a dream ok? - not real!!!)

Anyway I woke up in a cold sweat, and realised that music piracy has been going on forever - Most people have been guilty of it on a personal level at some time or other - but this stuff with licensing the music for use on a pc is a kind of frustration - it's making it harder than ever to be honest!!

The music pirates will always find a way to pirate music - however this ridiculous 'license' thing will just make people bitter.

It's made me bitter anyway. I like Jools Holland - there were just a couple of tracks off his album I wanted - I couldn't even buy the album in the local stores - so I found a shop online where I could buy it legitimately.

This was about six months ago. I have no idea what site it was.

I have now reformatted my hard drive - and I want to listen to 'the way you look tonight' - a duet with Sam Brown - but it says I haven't got a license - and better still - I can't even buy one for love nor money, because unless I know where I got it from, I can't have one !!!!

Listen, a message to all the FBI guys out there, to SONY, so EMI, to whoever is listening - UP YOURS !!!!

I am now a music pirate - I downloaded LimeWire earlier and it is great - I've got so many songs I wanted this evening it's unbelieveable - I would have felt guilty a month ago, but after this CRAP with the license thing I think It's the likes of Microsoft or whoever invented the cranky crock of crap who should be reimbursing the poor musicians for their loss of earnings.......

You know what? - I'm going to take my wife and kids out tomorrow for a lovely day out - as if I'd bought all the music I downloaded tonight, I'd have spent about £50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saying that, I'll probably get worried and delete it after - you know the score - the big corporations and the 'rights management' people never go after the real pirates, or the people they think they will get hassle from, they would rather prosecute decent hard working family men whose kids have downloaded an eminem track on the sly !!!!!!!!!

Long life - good health - live and let live !!!!


Really great site I googled, as I am now no longer anti-piracy - check out www.thepiratebay.org - they do a brilliant service :-)
"...Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore...are they yelling in Atlanta?"
milkmon123Author Commented:
What can I say ???



are you going to accept an answer with that  big grin on your face.
cheers and happy days Matt
milkmon123Author Commented:
fair play brother ;-)
het thanks, enjoy the mp3mymp3 it does come in handy when you remember it records whatever you can play hear in your speakers.
My pleasure always nice  to bring some simple  joys . :)
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