How to create a USB Floppy Driver diskette

Since most new servers don't have an internal floppy drive, I bought an external floppy drive and  attempted to do ASR Restore on a Windows 2003 Server (IBM x385) using Sony's External USB Floppy (MPF88E).
I followed the instructions on how to create an ASR floopy from the ASR Backup.

I booted the server with a Windows 2003 CD inserted, pressed F6 and F2 and everything seemed to be O.K.

It asked me to insert the ASR floppy into the floppy drive (external USB Sony MPF88E floppy drive).
Next, it asked me if I had additional storage drivers to add.

If  I just proceed without entering anything (i.e. Just carriage return), it starts initial Windows setup but then it complains (after a while) that the system cannot find any floppy drive !?

Thus, I copied driver files from the CD (that came with the Sony External USB Floppy MPF88E) onto a floppy.
However, when I insert this floppy into the floppy drive I get the error message:

"TXTSETUP.OEM can not be found"

Obviousy, the driver diskette fromat was not right.
There were only two files on it: SONYU2K.CAT  and  SONYU2K.INF
The CD did not have any other file except for the useless README.TXT.

Windows Setup is onviously looking for the TXTSETUP.OEM.

How to create a USB Floppy Driver diskette ?

What is the format ?
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try it with a different brand; most Sony floppies aren't supported natively by W2k3 during boot time.
Or try the workaround described here:
Using a F6 Driver with USB Floppy
Maybe your server's BIOS doesn't have proper support for the USB floppy drive. What options do you have within the BIOS? Can you set it up so that it allows to boot from a USB floppy? Have you enabled USB port within the BIOS? Can you see and access the floppy drive if inside your OS?
luckymilosAuthor Commented:
Thanks Genius; This one worked for me.
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