forwarding exchange emails to an external account from within exchange manager

I have an exchange user who wants all his e-mails forwarded to an external e-mail address. Where in the exchange server manager can I find this configuration?
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Open up Active Directory > Add a new mail enabled contact > give that contact his external email address > now find the users account > right click > properties > exchange general > delivery options > forward to another recipient (and tick the box to send to both)

Why not set up a rule in Outlook to forward. Works on Exchange server so Outlook need not be running.
it addition to what Red mentioned, you might also have to enable "allow automatic forwarding" from global settings in exchange system manager
steps are

open exchange system manager
expand global settings
click on internet message formats
on the right window, click on defaults
go into advanced tab
put a check next to "allow automatic forward"
OgdhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
rakeshmiglani: You suggest I enable automatic forwarding from global settings, but wont this enable for everyone, not just the mailbox I wished to enable for?
that is a global setting
i doubt that you will be able to auto forward email to an external address if it is disabled globally
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