Can I have an HTML Form write directly to my MS Access Database on my computer?


I have an HTML Form ( that my new candidates fill out.  Right now it is using MySQL to write to a DB on my Web Host's Server.

I then do a TransferDatabase to get this into my Access Database.  Is there a way I can set up my computer as a Server and just have the form send the data directly into my Access Database when people fill it out?
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Sure there is a way, (assuming you mean using a back end ASP/ or other type code, and  if you have a fixed IP DSL connection or such on your local machine, and it is always on and available, you could run the entire website on your box with IIS or Apache and change the DNS settings to write to Access. You could also install MySQL on your local box and have it there.

These aren't simple to do, and you will have to understand the coding and how to set up each of these pieces.  MySQL and SQL Server can be called via TCP/IP address, and thus your webpage could write to a SQL Server or MySQL server anywhere.

you can use dsn/dsn less connection to db and have to use ASP or anyother serverside scripting to open the access database
Sure you can...... but if this is a busy site, you probably shouldn't... in terms of depending on Access for the live database on a big site.  If it is a small site, then you have many options for such apps.
MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
Hey guys, thanks for all the good responses.

I just decided to host with GoDaddy instead because they have Windows Servers and Access online.
That's great!
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