C# device application,sql serverCE, background services

Hi every one,
I am developing an application in visual c#.net for smart devices. I am using windows mobile 6 professional emulator for deployment of my application. For device applications in visual studio 2005, if you are dealing with any database then you have to use the sql server compact edition. I have created my database using sql server compact edition. The problems which i am facing are

1) One of my table will contain the bmp images, but if any one knows the sql server compact eidtion there is no option to insert any image in database at design view even though you can enter the other data. , i have tried it several times by programming but it always throws an exception of directory not found. I put the image in my emulator memory as well but it didn't work.if any one can please help me in inserting bmp image in the data base.

2) I want my application (written in c#) to keep running in background and work as a reminder which comes on screen of device at any specific time and keep synchronizing with the sql server compact edition database. Just like when we set an alarm or reminder in the mobile, i want my application to work as a reminder which will be displayed when the system time and the time in databse is matched and the reminder should be reset again for the next entry in database.

If any one knows the solution of these problems, please post it as soon as possible, I will be really thankful

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1) It looks like you cant insert an image but you can save it to Memory and create a table Images and Have an Idenity ID and Image Path which will hold the path to th eimage.

2) You can use a Timer System.Threading to check for changes and then the notification control to notify you
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