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                Does anyone know if there is a way of booting from a HP BL460c G1 to SAN via ISCSI? I have HP Multifunction NICS but cant seem to see any kind of ISCSI setup on the NIC and in the BIOS you have the option to turn on ISCSI but no other settings are available. I know the NICs are supposed to work like HBA's but where do I set this up.!
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If it's anything like the latest 19" servers you have to upgrade the firmware of the multifunction adapter before iSCSI boot is an option, it is listed under NIC options same place as PXE is listed.

There's a guide for setting it up for Linux at, no idea about how to set it up for Windows or whether it is supported although the MS iSCSI initiator does support it.
If you got it to work with Windows could you give this guy a hand,
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