how to select an lcd display

looking for a new lcd display.....20 to 22 does one narrow down the choices?  what are the specificiations in order to end up with a good quality monitor?   Thanks,
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You may want to look at these articles:

Samsung, Acer, Benq, Viewsonic, all make good lcd panels You may want to pay attention to color correctness since you do digital photos.
Most top manufactures make good lcds in the 20-22 range. Look for higher contrast ratio, response times ~5ms. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Watch movies? play FPS games? CAD work?
capreolAuthor Commented:
managing and editing digital photographs and doing research on the internet
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Your first consideration when buying an lcd monitor should be the video card that drives the video signal. For the best results, your video card should  be capable of outputting the native resolution of the LCD monitor at the proper refresh rate.
-DOT / STRIPE PITCH     :    no bigger than 0.25
-REFRESH RATE           :     at least a refresh rate of 75 MHz

since u r doing digital photograph editing, i assume u have a better graphic card for that reason.
Else you don have uch thing to worry about ;)
how is th eupdates ?
happy with ur new lcd?
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