Why '$' symbol is needed when specifying different directory level?

OS is Windowns XP.  We run clearmake with gnu make compatibility.  We recursively build libraries and applications.
The following macro is defined in the top level makefile.

# VOB_ROOT_R - VOB root relative to release directory
VOB_ROOT_R = ..$/..$/..

I'm familiar with ../../../ but what is the mening of '$' symobl in this macro?
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You should check clearmake reference.

Perhaps the $/ is clearmake syntax for a platform-independent directory delimiter - i.e. on windows it will expand to '\' (backslash) and on Posix-style platforms it will expand to '/'.

- Ravs
In unix it can denote the end of a line - so in this case, it can mean [any] two characters at the end of line.  
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