DHCP Error on SBS 2003 R2 Server

The following problem occurred with the Jet database -510:  Jet
database read or write operations failed. If the computer  or database
has just been upgraded, then this message can be  safely ignored. If
this message appears frequently, either there  is not enough disk
space to complete the operation or the database  or backup database
may be corrupt.  To correct this problem,  either free additional
space on your hard disk or restore the  database. After you restore
the database, ensure that conflict  detection is enabled in DHCP
server properties. For information  about restoring the database, see
Help and Support Center.  Additional Debug Information:
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SanDiegoComputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try checking the security of the c:\windows\system32\dhcp directory.

Verify the following:
administrator - full
authenticated users and server operators - read / list / read & execute
System - full

If that isnt the issue, verify that the file dhcp.mdb is set to inherit.  Finally, I would also be tempted if that doesnt work to shut down the dhcp service, move all files out of the dhcp directory and then restart the service.  Oh, actually, one more thing.  If that doesnt work, try going to the add/remove windows components and remove dhcp and then go back and re-add it.

Hope that helps.
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