Control has the horizontal scrollbar in Visual studio 2005

Hi there,
I want to ask a question with the following situation:
I am using Visual Studio 2005 to develop a Winform application. I want to bind my data in the form of string but when I used list box and my string is too long, it cannot be seen at the end because it don't give me the horizontal scrollbar.
And anyone knows which control that similar list box, each line of string item is separated in one line and I can see at the end of each one when it is too long by scroll the horizontal bar.
Or anyone can show me how to do with the list box or similar control to make it have scrollbar!
Thank you very much.
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi MarissaShannon;

The ListBox will do it for you:

Set ListBox.AutoScroll = True
Set ListBox.HorizontalScrollbar = True

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