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How can I remove Internet Explorer from certain users on our network?

We have employees using Windows XP Professional with some using Internet Explorer 6 and some 7.  I would like to take away internet from certain individuals.  If possible I would like to be able to log in as administrator and access internet for updates but not allow the user to access ie.  I do not have Citrix or a Windows server - only a Novell server -  so it seems I would have to do it at an individual level.  What is the best solution?
1 Solution
Remove the Default gateway on their Machines.

Use DHCP reservations to hand out IP addreses to those User Machines, but do not give them a "Gateway"

This will allow you to login, add the correct gateway, and connect to the internet. However, a "normal" user will not be able to.

Just one way of accomplishing this.

 - brugh

You could use a local policy to disable the connection tab in IE. That way you could set the connection details in IE as you desire, and then hide the connection tab so that your users can not change them.
You can also use software restriction policy to prevent users executing Internet explorer. You would normally need to put the users into an OU and then apply the restriction to the OU, but you could filter by security group if this was really necessary. see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324036

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That info I gave you applies to a windows domain - which I've just noticed you do not have. Any restriction is going to be a pretty laborious machine-by-machine affair. If you don't want some machines to get out onto the intermet then Brugh's suggestion is as good as any, but this will be by machine NOT user.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
you could enable the restrictions at your gateway router.  some routers will block traffic based on IP address (which would require you to set static IP's on the computers you want to block), and some allow you to block based on MAC address.

this is a very easy way to block internet access.  if you restrict IE on a per-computer basis, it's a lot of work, AND, the user can always circumvent by installing an alternate browser.  if you restrict all internet access from LAN to WAN on the gateway router, that computer is not getting to the internet no matter what browser is used.
bpetrickAuthor Commented:
I have to use static IP addresses for various reasons..  so i cannot remove the gateway.. it appears machine-machine updating local policy with the software restriction is going to be the best option..  thanks for the help to all responding..
Static IPs don't have to have Gateways. :) Just much more a pain to set them up cause you have "touch" each node inorder to modify its settings.

Gateways are only "needed" when you need to access an address that isn't on your local subnet.... like the Internet.

 - Brugh

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