Internet acces separate from Home LAN and WIFI - Interoperability protection.

I've intalled a little LAN at home.
Modem/Router Digicom Wave 125 (4 eth switch, Firewall, Diect connection to ADSL 4 MB)
PC1 - AMD Athlon 4800+ with Windows XP SP2 + Printer Canon MP600
PC2 - Intel P4 2.0 Ghz with Windows XP SP2
PC3 - Intel Pentium II 400 Mhz with Windows 98 snd edition.
All PC's are in the same WorkGroup named HOME and are sharing Internet connection, files, directories and the Printer without any password to be introduced. We only switch on the computers and start working or surfing on Internet.
Everything goes OK.

I want now to offer (i've a  B&B) Internet connectivity, thoughout WI-FI, to Guest that occasionally ask for the service.
I want, therefore protect my LAN from intrusion from the guest with a simple solution that doesn't give me some extrawork or extra password insertion when the Guest are not at my home.

I knows that there is a lot of possibilities but, how I can handle the situation in the maximum semplicity and without modifiing the infrastructure everytime that I receive a Guest?

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arthurjbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>I knows that there is a lot of possibilities but, how I can handle the situation in the maximum simplicity and without modifying the infrastructure everytime that I receive a Guest?

You can't. :-)

Something has to change, either a secondary wireless router for the guest, or password protection of your shares.

What you can do is unshare all your shared stuff and reshare them with a password.  Then when you remount them on your personal machines, make sure that you select "Reconect at logon"  and select "Remember my password" on the screen where you put in the password.

Yes, the pureists will tell you that there may still be some security issues, but you B&B guests are not likely to be spending a lot of their time trying to bypass the limited security.

This allows them to use the internet and maybe your printer (if you let them) while not being able to connect to your data drives.

Good Luck!
heartAuthor Commented:
It's the solution that I've in mind.
Very well described and with the "remember ..." that would be very usefull.

I will open a new question about the mentioned second wirwless router that could be a nice solution too.

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