How to run chat service on Exchange 2003 server?

I have Exchange 2003 server running with SP2 plus Blackberry Enterprise Server(BES) 4.1.
Goal: I like to provide chat service on both desktop and Blackberry devices. But Exchange 2003 does not seem to have chat service and there is no plan to upgrade to Exchange 2007 which has chat service.
Q#1. Is it possible to run chat service on Exchange 2003?
Q#2. If yes, what software do I need to install on Exchange 2003?
Q#3. If there is no way to run chat service on Exchange 2003, then is it possible to run such chat service on BES so blackberry users can use it?
Any advice to achieve my goal is appreciated.

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Here is an app that you can install with your MS live communication server that will do what you want:

Or, if you don't have or do not want to have a MS Live comm server you can use:

Which let's your BB connect to just about any chat provider available.

you can implement Microsoft Live communication server for IM communication
Exchange 2000 had inbuilt chat service but exchange 2003 does not
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Is MS Live communication server free?
Does BES support MS Live communication server?
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it is not free
richtreeAuthor Commented:
How does LCS license work? Or how much is it?
Does the wireless network company treat chat traffic as regular data or text messaging?
Or if you appear online and your friend sends you a message, is such message treated as a text message or just regular data traffic?
Our cell phone company charges 15 cents for every text message sent. I try to save money on the user text messaging service.
From my experience we get the best results going the easy way and using Google Talk!

This lets you sign in from a computer/gmail account web interface/or blackberry software
works great!

For Desktop:
For Blackberry: (Visit via BB Browser for OTA Install)

richtreeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for sharing your ideas.
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