What are some of the Windows and Unix vulnerabilities this group can think of?
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Solaris (and in general unix in all its flavors) is way less vulnerable than windows. To give yourself an idea check this:

You can explore the site to form a criteria for your discussions.

What flavors of each?  Is this s a comparrison for a certain project? What;s the project scope?

There are so many different variables and combinations of variables here that it does have a lot to do with "how" you plan on using the system in order to determine what "vulerabilities" you coud run into.

In general, Windows is used by just about everyone, so a windows PC is a target for attack.
 Unix, normally only programers and old school IT geeks will perfer this option over windows, but that's cause they can support it and know how to run it.  :)

 - brugh
SuperFly07Author Commented:
Windows 2000-2003 and Unix Solaris. Its just a general meeting I have this week to discuss.
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