Outlook 2003 shared calenders

In outlook 2003 what would be the best way to setup a conference room calender so only certain users can update the calender but I don't want to use my calender as the resource.
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I'm assuming your have Exchange 2000 or 2003 Server.  If so I would recommend setting up a Public Calendar.  You can add users with various permissions (Read, Author - create/change entries they make, Owner - create/change all entries).  If you set up a user account for Conference Calendar it will use one of your CALs, the benefit of a Public Calendar is that it won't use any of your licenses.
To create this click on your Go menu and go to Folder List.  Scroll down the folders to Public Folder.  Right-click All Public Folders and choose New Folder.  Enter a name for the item (Conference Calendar) and in Folder Contains section choose Calendar Items.  After creating the Conference Calendar you can right click it and go to the properties to set permissions.  To make the Conference Calendar appear in your Calendar list (where you view shared calendars) right click the Conference Calendar and choose Add to Favorites.  
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