Autocad 2005 Lite - Error on Startup "Handle is Invalid"

A desktop has just been connected to a new domain server.
When a user clicks on the icon to run AutoCad 2005 Lite on their desktop pc an error message comes up which refers to
Title: Error CreateProcess
"The Handle is Invalid"

Nothing else on the desktop computer has changed and AUtocad is installed locally and references local dir
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Are you sure the user wasnt referencing something on the original server? Like templates or custom menus? You might look at the old server and see, try to make sure that server directory paths are mapped the same as the old server. You may end up having to reinstall/repair your installation.
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Fixed the problem myself - although its different ...

The desktop system also had Office 2000 Professional installed and that had some corrupt libraries.  Ran Office Setup > Repair option and AutoCad now happy  ( as well as Office )

Norrin - you've made a comment whilst I've been off and were on the right track - admitadly my fix its an unusual one.  I'd like to award you some points anyway - how do I do this ?
Hey thanks for the points. Glad you got it fixed. After you posted your fix I remembered that I had to something similar before after installing a new version of either office or autocad years ago.
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