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how to replace the YSUS board in a plasma tv

i need to find out how to adjust the voltages on a "Ysus" board in a HP plasma HDTV the part number is? PL4260N???
i need to measure across resistor, R36. and then set it to -200 +/-.5v what does that mean? can someone help me out please
2 Solutions
That means you should really not be in there messing around.  If I read you correctly, you need to set voltage drop across R36 to -200v within 1/2 volt.  That is more than enough voltage to mess up your whole day and completly ruin your test equipment and your HDTV if you make a mistake.  Find a qualified tech to do this for you.

Now if you just gotta do this, find a good DVM and set it to the 1000v DC scale.  I assume we're talking DC here.  Now put the red lead on one side of R36 and the black lead on the other side of R36.  The DVM should read somewhere around 200vdc, polarity is not important at this stage.  Adjust if needed and back out.  BE CAREFUL!
Yeah that is crazy.  For the amount of money TVs cost anymore, I think I would save myself the risk of a house fire and just buy a new one
Dont forget to properly ground yourself. Even the smallest electrical static discharge can destroy the chip board. Take it to a TV repair shop and ask them to do it for you.

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