VBScript to create users from commanline without further input.

Posted on 2007-07-30
Last Modified: 2009-07-29
I am trying to write a script that will allow my administrative users to create a single user from the command line without being prompted for input after pressing enter.  I would like to, using switches or data entered after the name of the vbscript input the information for user creation.

For example:
createuser firstname lastname logonname

or createuser /firstname=firstname /lastname=lastname /logonname=logonname

I have the script for all of the actions (creating home directory, user account default group memberships), but I can't figure out how to get it down to a system as simple as that and I have users that want to work in this way. I can't seem to find documentation on how to do this, or how to get these inputs in as my variables.

Question by:comoore
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    Accepted Solution

    Taking command line parameters using VBScript uses the WScript.Arguments collection.  Each parameter passed in from the command line is added to the collection in order.  Here's some sample code on cycling through command line parameters:

    Dim firstname, lastname, logonname
    Dim i
    For i=0 To WScript.Arguments.Count
        If InStr(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), "/firstname=") > 0 Then
            firstname = Right(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), 11)
        ElseIf InStr(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), "/lastname=") > 0 Then
            lastname = Right(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), 10) > 0 Then
        ElseIf InStr(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), "/logonname=") Then
            logonname = Right(WScript.Arguments.Item(i), 11)
            WScript.Echo("Invalid Parameter: " & WScript.Arguments.Item(i))
        End If
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    Expert Comment

    by:Ron M
    have you tried using "dsadd"

    dsadd user /?
    Description:  Adds a user to the directory.
    Syntax:  dsadd user <UserDN> [-samid <SAMName>] [-upn <UPN>] [-fn <FirstName>]
            [-mi <Initial>] [-ln <LastName>] [-display <DisplayName>]
            [-empid <EmployeeID>] [-pwd {<Password> | *}] [-desc <Description>]
            [-memberof <Group ...>] [-office <Office>] [-tel <Phone#>]
            [-email <Email>] [-hometel <HomePhone#>] [-pager <Pager#>]
            [-mobile <CellPhone#>] [-fax <Fax#>] [-iptel <IPPhone#>]
            [-webpg <WebPage>] [-title <Title>] [-dept <Department>]
            [-company <Company>] [-mgr <Manager>] [-hmdir <HomeDir>]
            [-hmdrv <DriveLtr:>] [-profile <ProfilePath>] [-loscr <ScriptPath>]
            [-mustchpwd {yes | no}] [-canchpwd {yes | no}]
            [-reversiblepwd {yes | no}] [-pwdneverexpires {yes | no}]
            [-acctexpires <NumDays>] [-disabled {yes | no}]
            [{-s <Server> | -d <Domain>}] [-u <UserName>]
            [-p {<Password> | *}] [-q] [{-uc | -uco | -uci}]

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    If you have existing scripts to do parts of this, then netsmithcentral's approach is probably easier to implement.

    I'm assuming that in your "creating home directory" script, you have some code that prompts the user for the username, with something like:
    strUsername = InputBox("Enter username to create home directory for:", "Username for Home Directory")
    ' then code to create user based on strUserName

    So what you could do in place of that is:
    If WScript.Arguments.Count = 1 Then ' correct amount of parameters were passed
       strUserName = WScript.Arguments(0)
       strUsername = InputBox("Enter username to create home directory for:", "Username for Home Directory")
    End If
    ' then code to create user based on strUserName

    And then, the command to run the script would be:
    wscript.exe c:\createhomedir.vbs jsmith

    Now, you could go about trying to combine all of your scripts, or you make the above change to each one, then use a "parent" file to call all of them, such as:
    strUserName = InputBox("Enter username to create:", "New User to Create")
    strHomeShare = InputBox("Enter the path to home folder share to create the home folder on:", "Home Directory Share", "\\server\share\")
    strUserGroups = InputBox("Enter comma separated list of groups to add user to:", "User Groups")

    Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    objShell.Run "Wscript C:\Scripts\CreateUser.vbs " & strUserName, 1, True
    objShell.Run "WScript C:\Scripts\CreateHomeDir.vbs " & strHomeShare & " " & strUserName, 1, True
    objShell.Run "WScript C:\Scripts\AddUserToGroups.vbs " & strUserGroups, 1, True
    Set objShell = Nothing

    MsgBox "Done"



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