cannot delete emails from OWA

I have a Exchange 2003 std server. One of the users is not able to delete/move emails from his mailbox using OWA. He gets an error "Some items can't be deleted. They are either moved, deleted or acces is denied."  I cannot verify if he is able to delete from outlook or not. He is a remote user and only uses OWA. Only this user is having this problem.


Before this problem started, our information store got corrupt. I repaired the store using eseutil and then defraged it. I followed a microsoft article.
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inbarasanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These are due to logical errors on your Exchange information store

Had to run "isinteg" on the Exchage database. Run it till I had zero errors and the backup will run fine. 
knightrider2k2Author Commented:
Thank you Inbarasan
I will do this tonight. Will let you know tomorrow. Any special precautions before I do this?
knightrider2k2Author Commented:
It fixed it. Thanks
Dear knightrider2k2

Hi, hope you are doing fine.

i know it has been a while this issue was raised but i'm actually facing the same issue and i'm very new to exchange server 2003.

what command did you run exactly and what precaution should i take (backup edb file logs, etc ...) ???

if i move the mailboxe to a new mailstore (since i can't put the main mailstore offline; it will take so much time and i can't do this) and run the command will it be enought to fix this is?

thank you in advance

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