How to Force Exchange to update changes

When I make a change in Exchange Server 2003 (changing a user's email address, etc.) the change will take a good long time before it is reflected at the desktop. Namely, when a user is sending an email using the Outlook client and selects a name from "To:" list, the name selected will not show the change until perhaps the next day.

Is there an easy way to force Exchange to update/propagate the changes I made across all servers?
Scott FowlerAsked:
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you are seeing is the offline address book lag.
Cached mode in Outlook uses the OAB. The OAB is only updated once a day by default in Exchange and once every 24 hours, when Outlook is started or by a manual download on the client. The client behaviour cannot be changed.
You can change how often the OAB is generated, I usually run it three times a day, but this will not result in the changes being seen by the client more frequently.

Exchange pulls the data from Global Catalogue server. If your AD is replicated then you will see the data. So whenever you do the change force AD Replication to see the change immd.
Scott FowlerAuthor Commented:
inbarasan: Do you know where I would go to force AD Replication?
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Scott FowlerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Sembee.

I performed the following:  "In Exchange System Manager, Go to "Recipients", "All Global Address Lists". Right click on "Default Global Address List" and choose "Properties". On the first tab there is a button marked "Preview". Click that  This will show you the complete address list. If your updated entry is shown then the GAL on the Exchange is up to date." The change is showing up when I did this.

Then I went to my Outlook client and did the following:
"To manually download the address book: Tools, Send/Receive, Choose "Download Address Book...
Click OK to the option."

My Outlook client is indeed in cached mode, but it is not updated with the server change by performing the above. Maybe I just have to wait 24 hours?
Or you could have just taken Outlook off cached mode. haha
wow lol.. thanks chris.. quick fix!
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