Restored Domain Controller from old Ghost, don't want old AD data.

I have two domain controllers, Server 2003, sp1.

One is DC1, the other DC2.

DC1 had all the roles.  Recently, the DC1 HD crashed.

I successfully seized/transfered all the roles to DC2 and DC2 is running fine as the lone DC.

Now I restored DC1 from a ghost, but the ghost is 4 months old and there have been many Active Directory changes in those 4 months.

Currently, I have the ethernet cable unplugged from DC1 and it's up (the ghost worked) but I'm afraid to plug it into the network.

How do I make sure that DC2 is the boss, and that all the new data will remain unchanged and that DC1 won't try to re-establish or re-institute the old, out-of-date Active Directory?

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thenoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you use the ghost backup the group policies could interfere with the current group policies. Is there anything on the ghost image that is vital to retain?
Is there any reason why you would need the full image restored? What about just a fresh intall. After that promote the dc and you will be good to go.
gateguardAuthor Commented:
The only thing I was worried about was the Server2003 license.  Whether or not that will activate again, or if I'll have a problem with that.  Otherwise, I think your suggestion is the way to go.
gateguardAuthor Commented:
So is there a way to use the ghost?
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